Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blind Faith

I thought I knew a lot about faith. I've leaned on God over the years more often than any human should have to, which as it turns out is a common theme for most Christians.

It's been 14 years since that night, the one that when I think about still makes my heart skip and my breathing become shallow. The night someone came in our home when my husband was at work and assaulted and tried to suffocate me, leaving with threats of harm to me and my children.

The day after, I shared the local news headlines with John Kennedy, Jr ... his plane had gone down off Cape Cod that same night.

So while the world mourned him, my life had been forever changed. I've tried not to dwell there. God knows the struggles and even how I walked away from him for a year.

So it is with this blind faith, I went into being home alone with my three youngest children recently, my husband away on business. I'm normally okay, but fear had been dogging my steps for over two weeks. It clutched at my heart with every loud noise, making me shake my head and wonder why it was back.