Thursday, November 20, 2014

Enough - Thanksgiving Blog Hop

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The bills are stacking up, the car needs tires, the house payment is late...

Stop. Screech! Put the brakes on. 

We can, all of us, focus on our problems and lack. There never seems to be quite enough or an end to the toil of our days.

But today, this upcoming week, Thanksgiving... 

Let's take the opportunity to count our blessings.

While the world around us tells (or screams) that we need to buy, decorate, and have more than enough, an excess, to celebrate...we can take some time out to focus on the precious things in our lives we tend to take for granted.

As I sit here, with my children due home and a quiet moment stolen, to be thankful for:

The breath in my lungs.
The precious lives of my husband, children, and family.
The warmth of dear friends, near and far, and God's care over us all.

My prayers are with those whose hearts are still healing from loss of loved ones and those without family close by. Let's all reach beyond ourselves this Thanksgiving and Christmas to extend hope, love, and charity.


Laura's newest release, A Christmas Coffee, touches on the loss of a loved one during Christmas and asks the question if loving again is worth the risk. You can see it here on Amazon Also available at other EBook retailers.


  1. I live on a street that mandates we have our Christmas lights up and on no later than Thanksgiving, so I really appreciate this reminder! Between the Christmas lights and preparing for family from out of time, this season can quickly become stressful.

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    I'm also trying to slow down and be thankful for all of the gifts in my life, thanks for sharing some of yours!

  3. Reaching beyond ourselves ... we so need to do that. Praying for you and yours and thank you for this encouragement and reminder, Laura.

  4. Once again the holiday season is upon us and we get swept into that whirlwind of do-do-do. I remember the old days when a gift was a gift, something you thought the person would like. Today we have to get the exact color, size, etc of what they WANT. The magic of the season has dissipated and is now replaced with ... with nothing. Just a hollow feeling. Nobody seems thankful on T-Day. It is more about the parade and game. No sitting down together to eat and enjoy the family get-together but rushing to get the food and a good seat in front of the TV. My wife hopes to seat everyone at the table this year - all 15 of us since some of the family can't make it, we're light about 8 people. Oh, I do still have to put the lights out but that will be later, like Friday.

  5. I am always amazed at how you citizens of the US have your Thanksgiving so late, and so close to Christmas. It's no wonder that the "season" is both hectic and long, and therefore exhausting. So thank you, Laura, for the reminder of the meaning of being thankful.

  6. I know I'm thankful for my family and their health and for the fact that I can put food on the table. My kids still just think about "the stuff" but I hope one day they'll realize just how good they had it and be able, on their own, to just sit back and enjoy life.

  7. I am going through a trying time for me emotionally, but yet I am thankful for many things. Thank you for the reminder.

  8. Nice post, Laura. One of the things we like best about life in the Caribbean islands is that most of the local people understand the concept of 'enough.' More than 'enough' is something that you pass on to somebody who needs it, with thanks for your own good fortune.

  9. I wish we had Thanksgiving 2 or 3 times a year so we would stop & take stock of how fortunate we are. I hope you have a great holiday.

  10. I'm definitely thankful for this life where I (and my kids and loved ones) can breathe, walk, sing, dance and laugh --- all without mechanical help or help from someone else. Amazing. Thanks for the perspective!!! Great post!

  11. Thank you Laura for this reminder. I truly enjoy blogs that help me keep a good perspective on life.