Friday, April 17, 2015

Lainey Sparks - Faith & Fame Series

 What do you do when all you've thought important seems like a charade?

Meet Lainey Sparks, worship leader turned Christian recording artist. People look to her to lead them to God but she doesn't know her motives anymore. Then she's introduced to Nick DeAngelo, a man with a secret. Could he ruin her reputation and ultimately her career? Or is he the only one she knows to lean on when tragedy strikes?

The first book in the Faith & Fame series.
Short and Sweets - Cozy Afternoon Reads. Christian Romances.

Lainey Sparks - Lead Singer of Christian Band, Depth
Stormy Towne - Heiress to the Towne Fortune
Red Walker - Executive Officer of MacKenzie Oil


A long bank of bricks of a building stood to our left. He saw my glance and led me towards it, out of the crowds of people rushing to get to their evening plans. We stood still, the wind buffeting Nick’s back, pushing him closer. He let go of my hand and hugged me to him.
“You’re precious. I’m so grateful God has kept you all these years. Surely you are the apple of His eye.”
My face pressed against his jacket and tears sprang to my eyes. How can I want to love him so soon? How can I not? Is it because he’s so close to Jesus? Seeing His reflection in Nick’s eyes? And I wanted to crumple, curl up in his arms, and stay with him. Not fly to another nameless city, though the ascent with God was surreal, pure contentment really, but the plummet back to reality after always unnerved me with thoughts of my own unworthiness.
Nick tilted my head up and I looked deep into his eyes. The stubble on his chin now more apparent, he brushed the top of my forehead with his cheek then ducked lower. His lips near mine, he whispered my name.
“Yes,” I answered.
“Can I love you already? My heart is breaking at saying goodbye.”
The words spoken so softly. Did I hear him right? My head reeled. Softly, I answered, “I – I think I’m falling for you too. I’m scared.”
“Me too. But let’s trust God…and thank Him for this gift.” Nick closed his eyes then, murmuring a prayer. My eyes followed suit. I felt his warmth against the elements, against the hard red brick at my back and the noise on the street that accosted my ears, people jostling past Nick and me, two lovers on a busy street.
I put my hands up into his hair, tugging him closer. My fingers found the short strands at the back of his neck and I twirled them. “Kiss me.”
“Should we?”
“We have to. I’m leaving. It’s goodbye…for now.”
“Where’s our rain?” he asked, dipping his head and met my lips with his.
There was no rain, but a gentle fire that lit a fuse in my soul. My head swam at the sweetness of his offering. Doubts fled. He was the one. The one God had made just for me, knitting our hearts together ever tighter. I missed him already.
Nick traced a finger down my cheek. Pulling away, he spoke. “If it’s a foundation we’re building, then let’s make it a substantial one.”
I smiled at his words despite the tears pushing at my eyes.


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