Monday, May 29, 2017

My Top Weight Loss Tips

Thanks for visiting.  Here are my top weight loss tips, the ones I've been using to find success (FINALLY, see The Candy Bar Story). I hate to say without much exercise, but I really haven't changed that portion of my life up yet. I do walk about 8,000 steps a day and use certain products from It Works! I love their products and am now a distributor. I'd like to help you start your journey also!
  1.  Find a plan and stick to it: I have done many different plans ... ways of eating that have worked short-term, most not more than two months then I fall back into the trap of kid-junk in the house and not caring. I've tried vegan,vegetarian, fat flushing, Weight Watchers to name a few. I have finally found a plan I can stick with (simple low carb, 20 or less daily). The important thing is having clear boundaries. This has helped me immensely. 
  2. Supplement support: I believe in taking a multi-vitamin, especially when eating less or different than you normally do. I take a multivitamin each day (we have a great one and it's minty and easy to swallow). I also take my Greens which have 34 fruits/veggies and take away my afternoon sugar cravings!
  3. Bring snacks: Core tip here. Bring your own snacks. Stuff some nuts or a packet of Greens in your purse for on-the-go craving busters. It really works. Remember your plan ... you usually can find something wherever you go, but if you have to hold off on eating, you have yourself covered. 
  4. Don't eat after 7:00: My mentor suggest nothing over 5 carbs after 6:00 pm. Personally, I have started not eating after 7:00 pm unless it's a special occasion (ie, wedding, date night). This helps my body go into a fasting state until I eat something the next day. (Yes, I have shoved a piece of 5 carb chocolate in my mouth at 6:55 pm more than once).
  5. Intermittent Fasting: I have no idea why I hadn't heard of this before, but I read about a woman that does a 16/8 plan. She fasts regularly 16 hours and her eating window is 8 hours. Several times a week, I have been incorporating this by stopping eating by 7:00 pm and stretching to not eat until 11:00 am the next morning (early lunch). It's really pretty easy, especially when eating low carb, because you don't get that gnawing hunger feeling as often as when you eat a lot of carbohydrates.
  6.  Time: Just because it is time to eat, doesn't mean you should eat. What is your body saying to you? Are you hungry? As you find a plan that works for you, listen to your body. Only eat when you are hungry.
  7. Water/bubbles: Oh water, you are so boring. I'm not in love with you. But I do, however, love bubbles. The kind in soda and gingerale. Thank you, Jesus, that water with bubbles and light flavorings are abundant in most places to purchase in bulk (latest ones I've tried is Limoncello and mango. Oh my goodness.) Zero carbs.
  8. Plan your treats (daily/weekly): You are darned tooting I plan my treats! Every day or two I have a low carb chocolate. I consider my Greens (2 carbs) a daily staple. I also know what I am having (mostly) on my cheat night! One night a week where I eat one meal that's "off limits" (proper portion size) and one dessert type food. Though, I must say, I am falling so in love with this way of eating that I sometimes plan a yummy low carb version of a favorite. 
  9. Five carb chocolate: I can and will save some carbs for my end of the day cheat. Five carb chocolate (Ghiradelli's Intense Dark, individually wrapped). I also DO NOT keep this in my room or I will drowsy eat then not care and eat the whole entire bag. I keep them on a different level than where I sleep. lol My husband calls it a crime scene when this has happened in the months past when I had no boundaries.
  10. You CAN change your mindset: There is hope! If I can, an almost 47-year-old who is set in her ways can change, so can you. Read The Candy Bar Story, I was a junk candy bar junkie. I've adapted over the past few months to realize that I can still eat what I want, but to be healthy, I have to feed my body good things. I have something to look forward to each week with my weekly cheats, plus a little daily cheat on the side. My body feels amazing, as good as I did back in my 20s (probably better) since I was a young mom of five sons. Also, give yourself a break! If you've had success and are being consistent, that cookie offered in the hand of a 5-year-old, specifically made for you ... eat it. I've had these moments along the way and as long as I go back to that plan with boundaries, it has yet to make a blip on this weight loss journey. 

Not perfect, but perfect for me. Working on my health.
Skin and body are getting in line.

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