Friday, June 23, 2017

You are Never Too Old

It's disturbing to my brain that so many of us have given up. The big 5-0 isn't that far up the hill for me. I know how it feels. To feel like things will never change. That YOU can't change and life is on the downhill.

But part of me has never quite believed it, and it upsets me to see so many of us settling, giving up on EVEN trying.

You're too tired, right? Too old for change? It won't matter, nothing you will do will make a difference. Your will power isn't that strong.

As an EEG tech, I've seen what obesity can do ... to a heart that goes into cardiac arrest and if not leading to sudden death, brain damage for lack of oxygen in many for the inability to do adequate CPR.

Unless you are lying in the ICU and my machine tells me there is no brain activity, THERE IS STILL HOPE.

Why are we giving up so easily?

I've seen so many buying into gimmicks, tricks, or products to lose weight. I hate to tell you, there aren't MANY shortcuts. I've tried most of them (even though I'm seeing NEW very expensive things on the market). Ugh.

Don't get me wrong, I use my It Works products and they help me immensely, but if I didn't have an eating plan, they wouldn't be as effective.

You'll never be perfect. There will be a day or moments you will cave to cravings.  Here's the best advice I have, GO BACK TO THE BASE plan every time after you cheat. Have those boundaries. If you keep going back, you will succeed!! (see my top weight loss tips)

You are talking to a candy bar chocolate addict!!

The point is, don't give up! Forgive yourself and move on. This is life after all and it's rich in blessings. Some of those are food. But to be healthy, you need ammo, which is a plan.

So you messed up? Get back on track. We can do this!!

I'm 20 pounds down and not stopping here. Sure, my slip-ups may make it take longer to lose ALL the weight, but I will not give up HOPE again! And either should you!

I don't care HOW OLD YOU ARE!

You can feel good, be healthy, and lose weight.

Keep going or get started!!

It can be DAY ONE or ... one day.

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