Saturday, November 7, 2015

I Was Drawing a Heart

I drew a heart in the sand.

Someone came alongside me and pointed to the outline. "A turtle," he exclaimed.

He called his friend over. The woman looked at the stick drawing, the ocean foam lapping closer to the edges.

"No, it's a dog."

More people gathered...pointing and debating. Despite my protestations, few saw the intended design.

The tide came in and washed the traces of it away.

In relief...and frustration, I sat on the hot sand, staring at where my picture had been.

I was alone.

Was it a snowflake or a cloud? 

"It was a heart," I declared, willing it to return beneath the water.

~  ~  ~
Our intentions are not changed by people's perception of them.  

In the end, I will stand before God. He'll see the curves to the lines, viewing that snapshot among the many in my life. 

He will see the heart.

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  1. Amen! God sees our hearts and our intentions. What a great reminder.